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Welcome to our May issue, which takes us into the fullness of Spring when Wood and Growth energy is at its zenith. This is also a time of April showers, which here in the tropics it comes in strong showers actually giving strong producing element energy to this second quarter’s Double Wood Pillar in the 2018 Paht Chee chart. Wood energy denotes growth energy, but it also strengthens the #3 quarrelsome star; unfortunately, this year’s center number is 9 the magnifying star, and it is strongly intensifying the #3 star in the feng shui chart, which has flown into the center this last month! As a result, April saw plenty of quarrelsome energy indeed!

One way to subdue the magnifying effect of the #9 star is to keep the Bright Hall of your home well-energized; this allows time for the incoming chi to settle before it flows into the rest of the home. Lillian Too explains in her article “Activating Your Bright Hall” how best to do this, sharing what she did in her own home to help readers make the most of their own bright hall. Do take special note of our monthly Flying Star tracker, which helps you protect against all incoming harmful stars. The negative star numbers that affect your feng shui the most are those that fly into your main door sector, the central sector of your home and the corners where you spend most of your time such as your living room, bedroom, office or study.

These days we are experiencing the rise of powerful feminine energy. We are in the age of Goddess Yoga when women’s empowerment has become a strong theme in all areas of life. Lillian Too’s other big article this month covers this theme in Goddess Circles, where she comments on women all over the world setting up women’s groups to meditate, sing, dance and travel together. She shares her own story on how the Goddess Tara led her onto her own unique path of spirituality many years ago, and how Goddess Tara Retreats continue to empower her and her many friends and followers today.

Which brings us to the subject of fascinating real life goddesses; this month we feature the very lovely Meghan Markle, whose forthcoming wedding to her Prince Charming falls later this month on May 19th. Meghan is everything a princess should be – beautiful, glamourous, compassionate, confident, and so good with people – but she is also the antithesis of the traditional royal bride. She has been married before, she does not come from nobility, she is in show business, she has a “life” apart from being a Prince’s consort. Yet in the run-up to the biggest royal wedding since Kate and William’s, she has already endeared herself to the British public and to the world.

She is a Metal Rooster born in 1981. We take a brief look at her Paht Chee destiny chart together and compare these with the charts of two other equally high-profile Rooster women – her soon to be sister-in-law Kate Middleton and the princess on the other side of the pond, First Daughter Ivanka Trump – coincidentally or not, both also born in the same Rooster year as Meghan. What does astrology have to say on the destinies of three of today’s most high profile “princesses”?

Our other Paht Chee story looks at Mark Zuckerberg, who is going through a time of “bad publicity” for the lax privacy practices of the world’s most used social media platform. Facebook has become such an integral part of our lives that we forget what it really means to voluntarily and unknowingly surrender so much of our personal information. Can Facebook be trusted? Should it be allowed to grow so big and powerful? What does this mean for Facebook going into the future? Do we know and can we know? Phillip Lim takes a look.

The Internet has been an exponentially growing giant since its inception, and over the last decade, it has completely transformed the way the world lives. This is especially the case with the new generation, whose source of knowledge, entertainment and stimulation come, to a frighteningly large extent, from the world wide web.

An industry that has enjoyed particular growth is the Video Game industry. Once upon a time, it was Atari, Nintendo and Playstation - on consoles that allowed you to play with your neighbour or classmate coming to sit next to you to play. Today, video game opponents come from the world. The games, connected by internet, have become more complex and more engaging, and whatever time of day or night you play, there will always be people to play with. We find this to be quite a whole new world of virtual reality indeed.

Video games like DOTA2 and Overwatch have become so behemoth, they have established themselves much like traditional sports, with sponsorship, pro fees for “Athletes”, and whopping prize pots that go into the millions. My son’s heroes are Mushi, Moon, iceiceice, Jabz, ninjaboogie, members of “Mineski”, the winning team at the recent DOTA Asian Championships. Lim Han Jin takes us down the timeline of video gaming and seriously examines the pros and cons, and the feng shui implications of this new phenomenon that is so embraced by our youth of today.

Meanwhile, Helen Oon interviews Ken Hom, celebrity chef and bestselling author, whose “Ken Hom Wok” has sold over 8 million units in 59 countries. Touted as the man responsible for popularizing Chinese cuisine in the West, his memoirs “My Stir-Fried Life” is being turned into a screenplay. Back here in Malaysia, Dato Kee Hua Chee meets Aliza Ali and Widayu Latiff, childhood friends who have taken on the Master Franchise of Chatime, which sells a variety of the hugely popular Taiwanese bubble tea.

We also bring you a story on photo art as more people are getting into this popular pastime taking arty pictures. These days, everyone’s Smartphone comes with a camera, and learning to perfect this skill is so affordable. The Travel Photographer Society recently held its 2018 Competition, and its winning submissions confirm that photographic art can hold its own against other forms of modern art. Just be aware, when inviting art pieces into the home, of the energies they bring into your living space.

For our Travel section, we take you to Toledo in Spain with its sacred cathedrals, historic attractions and stunning scenery. Closer to home, Thailand makes for an adrenaline-pumped destination, especially during their New Year Songkran celebrations. Steeped in Buddhist tradition, its rituals are sacred in nature but taken to a whole new modern level of waterworks and fun.

These days, city folk are also into meditation, yoga and spiritual retreats, seen as ways to de-stress and shake off mental baggage. Charok Lama Rinpoche talks about going into Retreat, explains the different kinds of retreat, what they entail and whether it is suitable for everyone. Audrey Tan introduces Health Trackers you may want to use in your journaling to help you stay in the pink of health, while Shahreen Kamaluddin describes life as a Game you might want to learn to play. In her view, mastering the Game of Life is the best way to get ahead; she shares motivating insights on how to play this game!

Chris Yeo’s architectural feature this issue talks about ceiling designs. Changing one’s ceilings is one of the things you need to do to “change” the period of your house; it represents “heaven” energy in the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind energy. Who knew there were so many ways to treat ceilings? Lulu Lee describes ways of compartmentalizing personality types, while on the polo field, the new trio of Windhorses got a great run in their first tournament in Battle of the Sexes, ladies against men, another example of women power rising to the fore. Girls can do everything boys can, sometimes better!

There is much more within, we wish you a great read!

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Our cover features the sailing ship, a powerful symbol of wealth in feng shui. A fabulous way to activate for prosperity luck is to display a whole fleet of merchant ships carrying ingots, coins and other precious cargo sailing into your home or office.
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