Cover of FSW#65// September & October 2013
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In this issue we feature the stunning Bejewelled Elephant, studded with hundreds of zirconia crystals to model the sacred White Elephant! The White Elephant is a symbol of great power. You can invite the elephant into your home to attract all kinds of auspicious luck power, status elevation, filial descendants and supreme authority. Inviting Elephants to live with you brings everything auspicious!

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Page 10 : The Prince of Cambridge: Gorgeous George
Page 14 : The Birth of a Royal Moon Prince
Page 20 : Taking Spiritual Feng Shui to the Next Level

Page 28 : Everybody wants to be Olivia Pope!
Page 36 : Did Good Feng Shui Help Cardiff City Get Into the Premier League?
Page 40 : Judi Shekoni and her Hollywood Dream
Page 44 : Taiwan: The Other China
  Life & Living  
Page 25 : Kingdom of Shambala: The Promise of Gesar, King of Ling
Page 48 : Living with Elephants
Page 52 : Protective Mirrors
Page 56 : Choosing Land and Positioning Your Home with Good Feng Shui
Page 58 : Do You Have What it Takes to be a Dynamic Marketing Person?
Page 60 : Boost up your Chi with a Zumba Party
Page 63 : Latest Wonder 5/2 Diet
Page 64 : Saving the Sumatran Rhino
Page 68 : Coins: Symbols of Power and Protection
Page 69 : Incense Powder Power
Page 70 : Remodelling Your Home Effectively Without Incurring a Small Fortune
Page 74 : Dragon Lady Power
  In Every Issue  
Page 53 : Cheat Sheet: Developing Concentration through Meditation
Page 75 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 76 : Feng Shui Planner: September & October
Page 78 : Flying Star Updates for September & October
Page 80 : Feng Shui Astrology for September & October
Page 84 : Ask Aunt Agga