Cover of FSW#75// September 2014
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In this issue we feature the colour purple and silver, which in Chinese means “Ngan chi”, the homonym for money! We also highlight this unique Prosperity Wu Lou, adorned with the Three Legged Toad and potent symbols of both prosperity and longevity. The Wu Lou is the famed implement of the Taoist Longevity God “Sau”. In legend the Wu Lou is said to contain Sau’s long life elixir. Tales abound of how the Wu Lou absorbs illness and transforms it into healing nectar! Display it in your home if you have elderly folk living with you or if someone is ill.

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Page 10 : The Radiating Power of the Obelisk
Page 16 : Zen Buddhist Décor In a Modern Setting
Page 26 : The Gloriously Revitalised Feng Shui of Kensington Palace

Page 33 : Princess Charlene Comes Into Her Own
Page 36 : London Break: Rekindling Long Lasting Friendships
Page 42 : Wearing Protection Wheels
Page 44 : Is Boris the Future Prime Minister of Britain?
  Life & Living  
Page 48 : Bath: A Georgian Grandeur
Page 54 : Making Stupa Tsa Tsas with Grandma’s Ashes on Merit Multiplying Day
Page 57 : A Dark Month in a Dark Year
Page 58 : Case Study of an Apartment
Page 61 : Shop the Cure
Page 62 : Stripes and Pride of the King of Cats
Page 68 : Yang Wood and Yin Wood People
Page 70 : Lily Forbes: Memoir of the Fifth Daughter
Page 74 : Working With Walls
Page 78 : A Dream Comes True
  In Every Issue  
Page 79 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 80 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for September
Page 81 : Flying Star Updates for September
Page 82 : Astrology Readings for September
Page 84 : Significant Spiritual Days for September
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga