Cover of FSW#100// October 2016
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As we enter into the darker months of the year, we counter this with the uplifting image of the Laughing Buddha, God of Happiness! Invite this cheerful sage into your home and keep the spirit of gleefulness alive and well! The Laughing Buddha not only removes all your worries, be bestows prosperity and goodwill.

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Page 12 : Emily Blunt The Girl On the Train
Page 16 : Feng Shui Features Adorn Trump’s Many Downtown City Towers
Page 32 : Watching Adele Live in New York

Page 22 : Capturing the Chi of Instant Prosperity
Page 28 : Teenager’s Luck Goes Downhill After Moving into New Apartment
Page 38 : Connectivity Sequence of Numbers
Page 40 : Melinda Looi Queen of Avant-Garde & Modern-Retro
Page 78 : Combinations of 5 Ghosts in Your Chart can Bring Gold or They can Bring Bad Luck!
  Life & Living  
Page 21 : Luck Magnets: Don’t Leave Home Without Them
Page 31 : Tod’s Nod to Chinese Mythology Dragon
Page 31 : Qianlong Teapot Inscribed with Poem Sells for Millions!
Page 34 : Creating Beautiful Images of The 21 Taras
Page 36 : Haley Bennett New Star!
Page 44 : Bangkok: The City of Angels and Chiang Mai: The Rose of The North
Page 50 : China’s Meandering Steel Dragon
Page 52 : Albert Teo: The Green Man of Borneo
Page 58 : Baan Borneo The House of 137 Pillars
Page 64 : “Tapping” your Way to a Happy Day Everyday
Page 68 : What Kind of Dragon Chi do You Have?
Page 72 : Ageing Gracefully: Finding Meaning and Inspiration in Life
Page 75 : The Chong Yang Festival Day of the Double 9!
Page 80 : Always Design in Context
Page 94 : Be Bold in Gold
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 84 : Flying Star Updates for October
Page 85 : Lifestyle Planner for October
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for October
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for October
Page 90 : Ask Aunt Agga