Cover of FSW#88// October 2015
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In this issue we feature the mighty Taoist God of War - Kuan Kung whose legendary achievements and extraordinary feats have given him a permanent place in the altars, offices and abodes of all A-list Chinese businessmen, politicians and CEOs in Asia! Kuan Kung is a powerful protector against betrayal, loss of power and malevolent spirits! Read all about selecting the perfect Kuan Kung for you - page 62.

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Page 10 : Smiley Miley
Page 16 : Colouring Your Way to great Good Fortune!!
Page 20 : Correcting a “Total Loss” Entrance using the East/West method of Feng Shui - Secret Cure

Page 24 : Mark Zuckerberg: All set to release his Next Big Thing
Page 32 : Life with Lillian: Passing of a Great and Precious Lama
Page 36 : Life with Lillian: Reuniting with Charok Lama
Page 46 : Bikram Yoga: A Powerful hot yoga to Heal the Body and Reverse the Ravages of Time
Page 50 : Lillian Too’s Master Practitioner’s Course on Feng Shui brings practitioners from 19 countries to Malaysia
  Life & Living  
Page 30 : Life with Lillian: Leaning on my Eagle for Protection and Victory over my Illness
Page 39 : Superstitions: Old Time Beliefs Our Grandmothers Told Us
Page 40 : Life with Lillian: Discovering Bikram Yoga with Ollay
Page 42 : Three Friends of Winter: How to Be a Brilliant Survivor
Page 44 : Feng Shui Tips for Modern Living
Page 56 : Fit for Royalty: A Morning of Polo with Malcolm Borwick and Royal Salute is Hard to Beat
Page 60 : From Around the World Water Dragon in Portugal
Page 62 : Kuan Kung and his Magical Steed “Red Hare”
Page 66 : Romancing Heidelberg
Page 74 : Sharizah’s Little Kitchen in London
Page 78 : Paht Chee: Activating Your Wealth Element
Page 80 : Design Diaries
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 84 : Flying Star Updates for October
Page 85 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for October
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for October
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for October
Page 90 : Ask Aunt Agga