Cover of FSW#76// October 2014
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In honour of our baby issue, we feature the image of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra riding on an Elephant to spread the luck of new offspring! Legend has it that the Buddha’s mother dreamt of a White Elephant right before he was born. Samantabhadra is also the Buddha of Offerings and Prosperity – he multiplies abundance and goodwill. Displaying his image in any home protects one from decline in health and guards against accidents and mishaps.

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Page 10 : Victoria Grows Her Fashion Empire
Page 16 : The Wood Sheep Baby: A New Generation of Movers and Shakers
Page 26 : Prince Harry: A Truly Sporty Prince Charming

Page 30 : Connecting with the White Shamans of Russia
Page 34 : Reflecting Joyously on Jobs Well Done
Page 36 : Why the Feng Shui of Space is Just as Important as the Feng Shui of Time
Page 45 : Clooney and Alamuddin: Future Political Couple in the Making?
Page 52 : Auspicious Cowry Shells for Fertility, Prosperity, Elevation of Rank & Womanhood
  Life & Living  
Page 21 : Baby Luck Boosters
Page 22 : Raising King Gesar’s Flag for Commercial Success!
Page 42 : The Corporate Edge: Can Adding Greenery to the Workplace Improve Productivity?
Page 49 : Classy Cures
Page 50 : In October, Hindus Around the Globe Celebrate Deepavali
Page 54 : Arosa: An Alpine Adventure
Page 60 : Escaping Showers of Bullets and Bombs in Ukraine
Page 62 : Ask the Wen Shu Oracle
Page 66 : Lavender House: A Purple Pride
Page 70 : The Ten Elements of the Heavenly Stems: Fire Element People
Page 74 : Merging Spaces
Page 78 : Celebrating 40 years of Luxury Craftsmanship
  In Every Issue  
Page 79 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 80 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for October
Page 81 : Flying Star Updates for October
Page 82 : Astrology Readings for October
Page 84 : Significant Spiritual Days for October
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga