Cover of FSW#54// November & December 2011
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We feature the Prosperity Sailing Ship which brings wealth from the winds and waters. Sailing ships filled with treasures, real money and gemstones bring prosperity when positioned sailing in from your good directions!

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Page 12 : Prince Harry: All I want for Christmas is Chelsy Davy
Page 16 : A Reversal of Fortune The Amanda Knox Story
Page 32 : The Power and Super Wealth of China

Page 9 : Asian Women Attached to Super Famous Ultra-Rich Business Tycoons
Page 26 : Vintage Elizabeth Taylor: Nothing like the Real Thing!
Page 30 : Adele: Dragon Lady Heading for Success!
Page 37 : Paying Tribute to Steve Jobs
Page 44 : Lillian Too's MPC in Feng Shui Draws Students from 19 Countries!
Page 50 : Australia's Billion Dollar Parliament House
Page 56 : Why the Number 9 is the Most Supreme of All Numbers
  Life & Living  
Page 43 : Tortoise Shell Talisman Lockets
Page 48 : Dim Sum and Dragons
Page 60 : Lassie: A Furry Tale
Page 62 : Waxing Lyrical on Creating Good Feng Shui with Good Karma
Page 64 : Creating the Chi of Wealth
Page 66 : Creating Values in Homes
Page 71 : Feng Shui in Modern Beijing
Page 72 : Impact of the Incorrect Water Pond
Page 74 : Double Dragon for Double Success
  In Every Issue  
Page 41 : Cheat Sheet:
Creating a Bubbling Aquarium to Activate Wealth
Page 75 : Good & Bad Days
to Cut Your Hair
Page 76 : Feng Shui Planner:
Nov & Dec
Page 78 : Flying Star Updates for
Nov & Dec
Page 80 : Feng Shui Astrology
Page 84 : Ask Aunt Agga