Cover of FSW#63// May & June 2013
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In this issue we feature a pair of Chinese Lion door guardians, which are seriously powerful for guarding one’s house against malevolent influences from entering the home. They can also be placed flanking office doors to protect against office politicking that can harm your position of power. neighbour’s door. To activate them, invite a Taoist Master to your home to “dot the eyes” of your Lions. Once they have been activated ensure that they are treated with respect and cleansed with incense regularly.

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Page 10 : GE 13: Democracy is Alive & Well in Malaysia
Page 14 : Robert Downey Jr: Highest Paid Actor Ever?
Page 20 : Robert Downey Jr: Highest Paid Actor Ever?

Page 24 : The Great Kalachakra Stupa brings Peace and Contentment
Page 28 : Apartment Therapy: 8 Ways to Think When Designing Small Spaces
Page 34 : Chinese Movie “Cold War” Sweeps Away 9 Awards at the HKFA
Page 38 : Do We Need to See So Many Disaster Images on the Big Screen?
  Life & Living  
Page 23 : Love, Romance and Marriage Savers
Page 33 : Making it Big in 2013 with the Eight Auspicious Objects
Page 42 : Honouring the Four Great Bodhisattvas
Page 44 : Protector Pujas to Dispel Obstacles
Page 46 : Life with Lillian: Giving Myself a New Kitchen
Page 48 : Laughter Really is the Best Medicine
Page 52 : What Season Person are You?
Page 56 : Are You Destined for Leadership?
Page 58 : Geneva: The Dragon’s Den
Page 62 : Mah Jong: The Game of Luck, Skill and Favourable Winds
Page 66 : Celebrating in the Sacred Caves of Ipoh
Page 70 : The Kitchen: Hearth of the Home
Page 74 : Celebrate A Mother’s Love This Mother’s Day
  In Every Issue  
Page 49 : Cheat Sheet: Give Your Home an Energy Makeover Once a Month
Page 75 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 76 : Feng Shui Planner: May & June
Page 78 : Flying Star Updates for May & June
Page 80 : Feng Shui Astrology for May & June
Page 84 : Ask Aunt Agga