Cover of FSW#57// May & June 2012
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The Jewel-Studded 8 Auspicious Objects feature powerful symbols that bring eight types of auspiciousness: the Conch, Victory Banner, Parasol, Mystic Knot, Wheel, Lotus, Vase and the Double Fish. Place it in your home to attract eightfold blessings.

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Page 12 : Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Your Wonder & Charm Enthrals Us All
Page 24 : Corporate Disharmony and Sibling Rivalry Erupt into Scandal
Page 28 : The Clash of the World's Political Titans
Page 34 : Women in Power: the Rise of the Soong Sisters

Page 16 : The Avengers heats up the screens with Super Hero Power
Page 20 : Armie Hammer: Handsome, Witty and Highly Likable
Page 38 : Inviting an Auspicious Sailing Ship for Prosperity & Big Wealth
Page 40 : Connecting with that Higher Feeling
Page 46 : Rejuvenating my House
Page 55 : Skulls: Are they Good or Bad Feng Shui?
Page 58 : The Feng Shui of Polo: The Metropolitan Polo Club
Page 64 : Recommendations for a Wine and Bar Lounge
  Life & Living  
Page 37 : Activating Scholastic Luck with Feng Shui
Page 50 : 50 Shades of Grey
Page 51 : Singapore Ushers in Auspicious Growth Chi with a Garden Show
Page 62 : Dealing with Politicking, Back-Stabbing and Unreasonable Bosses
Page 66 : Creating Building Forms that Generate Good Chi Flows
Page 70 : Pinboard
Page 74 : Mom I Love You
  In Every Issue  
Page 53 : Cheat Sheet:
8 Ways to Improve Your Chances for Success
Page 54 : Cheat Sheet:
Boost Powerful Mentor Luck To Attract Helpful People
Page 69 : Good & Bad Days
to Cut Your Hair
Page 70 : Feng Shui Planner:
May & June
Page 78 : Flying Star Updates for
May & June
Page 80 : Feng Shui Astrology
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga