Cover of FSW#107 // May 2017
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In this issue, we highlight the good fortune that is derived through the use of auspicious dinnerware! The Double Phoenix has always been a Chinese favourite to promote conjugal happiness and rise through the ranks of power! Double goldfish brings prosperity luck! Spring is a good time to throw out old and chipped dinner plates and replace them with new luck!

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Page 10 : Melania Trump: Reluctant First Lady
Page 16 : Life with Lillian: Celebrating Almost 50 Years of Wedded Bliss
Page 28 : Will Nuclear War Break Out This Year?

Page 22 : Diana: Her Life Through Fashion
Page 38 : Chinese Palm Reading
Page 44 : Life with Lillian: “Wish Fulfilling Cow” Makes an Appearance in the Forest
Page 46 : King Gesar Temple of Ling: Built with Awesome Good Feng Shui to Benefit Beings for Generations to Come!
Page 54 : Songs of King Gesar: Extraordinary Words that Reflect Love & Anguish
  Life & Living  
Page 37 : Auspicious Gifts for Mother’S Day
Page 43 : Ingobernable - An Original Netflix TV Show from Mexico
Page 52 : Friends Who Are Keepers VS “Energy Vampires”
Page 56 : Cementing His Hokkien Heritage
Page 59 : Activate the Power of Nine
Page 60 : Designing the Façade of a Home
Page 64 : Morocco on My Mind
Page 72 : Totally Teniya Tao
Page 75 : Bag Hangings
Page 78 : Vibrational Alignment
Page 81 : Wearing My Kuanyin Jewellery Brings Me Money Luck
Page 84 : Paht Chee with Phillip Lim: The Toxic Star
  In Every Issue  
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for May
Page 88 : Flying Star Updates for May
Page 90 : Significant Spiritual Days for May
Page 92 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 94 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair