Cover of FSW#83// May 2015
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The magnificent Chi Lin is one of the three great celestial guardians of Chinese mythology. When placed as a pair flanking your doors, they prevent the loss of fortune and protect your home against evil. The Chi Lin is also strongly associated with education and scholarly accomplishments, and is often placed next to a student’s study table to increase their knowledge and exam luck.

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Page 10 : Picking Baby Names
Page 16 : Never Live On Triangle-Shaped Land
Page 56 : Brunei’s Royal Wedding of the Year

Page 18 : Woman in Gold
Page 24 : Alexander McQueen: A Curious Couturier
Page 30 : Meeting a New Generation of Feng Shui Enthusiasts
Page 36 : The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Page 44 : Deadly Disaster in Kathmandu
Page 50 : CATS Reborn
Page 52 : Supernatural Encounters in the Magical Forest of Ling
  Life & Living  
Page 15 : Mother’s Day Gifts for Mum
Page 34 : Giving my Mattress a
Sun Bath
Page 38 : The Feng Shui Effect of Tattoos
Page 41 : Friendship Charms
Page 46 : Feline Fantastic at Wildlife Heritage Foundation
Page 58 : Spirit Harm: a case of a Malicious Female Ghost Haunting?
Page 61 : We All Age But “Growing Old” is Up To You
Page 66 : Happiness & Marriage
Page 72 : Designing to Meet Expectations
Page 76 : A Paht Chee Approach to
Healthy Living
Page 78 : Tarot Card of the Month: The Magician
  In Every Issue  
Page 80 : Flying Star Updates for May
Page 81 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for May
Page 82 : Astrology Readings for May
Page 84 : Significant Spiritual Days for May
Page 87 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 89 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair