Cover of FSW#71// May 2014
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Whenever you have any kind of problem, you can place your trust in the Laughing Buddha to laugh away all your woes! This powerful deity appears in countless poses and carries a variety of magical implements to tackle a whole smorgasbord of issues! On our cover we feature the Laughing Buddha of Prosperity who sits on a bag containing all your financial obstacles and offers financial help in the symbol of the ingot on the palm of his hand! He sits totally relaxed as if to say “don’t worry, be happy, as this too shall soon pass”.

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Page 18 : Wedding Special: Chinese Style Exchange of Gifts
Page 20 : Wedding Special: Choosing Auspicious Dates
Page 22 : Wedding Special: Designing Your Wedding Invitation
Page 23 : Wedding Special: The Importance of Jewellery
Page 24 : Wedding Special: Hollywood Couples who Should & Shouldn’t Get Married in the Year of the Wood Horse

Page 10 : The Luck of Your Cheeks
Page 14 : The Feng Shui of Your Main Door
Page 30 : Reconnecting with a Special Spiritual Master: Choden Rinpoche
Page 32 : Going Deeper into Cosmic Feng Shui
Page 36 : Good Feng Shui has to be Maintained
Page 38 : 7 Ways to Whish Away Problems
  Life & Living  
Page 29 : The Wisdom of Wedding Bands
Page 35 : Matrimonial Essentials
Page 41 : Tagging it Lucky
Page 42 : Sarawak’s Enjoypreneur: Lady Of Substance
Page 45 : Fashion Trends: Psychedelic Colours
Page 46 : Chasing the Magical Northern Lights
Page 52 : Certainly Cannes!
Page 57 : Chopard’s Happy Diamonds
Page 58 : Birthdate Numerology: The Meanings of Numbers
Page 62 : The Evolution of Lillian Too’s Master Practitioner’s Course
Page 68 : Garden with Personality
Page 72 : What Do You Think Happened to Flight MH370?
Page 76 : Wonderlust Wendy
  In Every Issue  
Page 77 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 78 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for May
Page 79 : Flying Star Updates for May
Page 80 : Astrology Readings for May
Page 82 : Significant Spiritual Days for May.
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga