Cover of FSW#50// March & April 2011
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Cover picture shows the Dragon and the Phoenix, a wonderful symbol of love and conjugal bliss. Display in the Southwest this year to activate the number 4 star for romance and marriage opportunities.

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Page 8 : The Other Princess In Waiting
Page 18 : Swan Queen Natalie Portman
Page 20 : Western Dragon Unleashed
Page 14 : Looking for Troublesome Feng Shui in Unlikely Places
Page 16 : Stars of Hollywood on Fashionable Display
Page 27 : Lillian Celebrates Auspicious 11.1.11Birthday in Style!
Page 28 : Extravaganza 2011 Thrills Thousands
Page 36 : Layout Dynamics to Maximise Good Feng Shui
Page 40   Zooming into Bliss in Katmandu
Page 48   Ellis in Wonderland
Page 60   Powerful Purification Practices
Page 70   Violence Erupts in the Middle East
  Life & Living  
Page 26 : Chinoiserie and the Mighty
Page 44 : Heritage Preserved in Katmandu
Page 46 : Money Dog & Other Feng Shui Tips
Page 52 : How I Used Feng Shui to Activate a Wedding of the Year!
Page 56 : Postcard Las Vegas & Vail
Page 62   Tara Dancing
Page 66   The Design & Construction Aspects of Feng Shui
Page 68   Improving the Luck of a Doctor's Office
  In Every Issue  
Page 33   Cheat Sheet:
Important Information from Grandmaster Lillian Too's F eng Shui Extravaganza 2011
Page 71 : Good & Bad Days to
Cut Your Hair
Page 72   Astrological Sunsigns Using the Tarot
Page 76 : Feng Shui Planner:
March & April
Page 78 : Flying Star Updates for
March & April
Page 80 : Feng Shui Astrology
Page 84   Ask Aunt Agga