Cover of FSW#105 // March 2017
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In this issue, we feature the Chinese Mahayana image of the Bodhisattva Manjushri, seated on a Snow Lion carrying a Ru Yi. His name means “Gentle Glory” and the blessings he bestows is that of wisdom. This gorgeous image of Manjushri gilded in gold reminds us that the Year of the Rooster, one of the three animals in the Trinity of Intelligence, offers us opportunities to nurture our minds. Knowledge is the key to succeeding in 2017! So invite the image of Manjushri into your home this year!

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Page 10 : Feng Shui of The White House Weakens the Presidency
Page 24 : Superbowl Hero Tom Brady Manifests His Inner Shaman
Page 32 : Buckingham Palace:8 Amazing Symbolic Features that Protect & Preserve

Page 16 : All the Fun: Chap Goh Mei Party
Page 22 : The Domestic Cat: Magical Animals on Earth
Page 30 : Going Gaga for the Lady
Page 38 : Life with Lillian: A Whirlwind of Feng Shui Consults
Page 42 : Life with Lillian: Mozart In the Jungle
Page 54 : Casey Affleck
  Life & Living  
Page 29 : Boost Your Victory Luck
Page 44 : Fashion Feng Shui: A Gap Worth Addressing
Page 46 : Yin & Yang at the Baftas 2017
Page 48 : Cathay Pacific: Flight of The Nine Dragons
Page 60 : Breathing Your Way To Mindfulness
Page 53 : King Gesar: Buddha of Wealth and Success
Page 62 : Magical Madrid
Page 67 : Thank Heavens for Amulets!!!
Page 68 : Albert Lim: Watch This (Young!) Man
Page 71 : Big Auspicious
Page 72 : Orchid Culture: Blooming Into the Hearts and Minds of Malaysians
Page 74 : Amplifying Your Positive Vibrations
Page 80 : Vertical & Horizontal Planes:How We Combine them Defines the Kind of Space We Create
Page 84 : The Quarrelsome Love Star & its Effects
  In Every Issue  
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for March
Page 88 : Flying Star Updates for March
Page 90 : Significant Spiritual Days for March
Page 92 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 94 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair