Cover of FSW#93// March 2016
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In this issue, we feature the image of King Gesar as the Wealth Buddha, also known as Dorje Tsegyal. Usher in prosperity luck with the help this powerful warrior King! Place him in your home to stay safe from financial crisis and bring new wealth!

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Page 10 : Donald Trump on the Campaign Trail!
Page 16 : Generating Mountains of Spiritual Merit on the First Day of Guru Rinpoche Day with the 100,000 TSOG Offering!
Page 21 : Skiing the “Blacks” to conquer a Black Year
Page 30 : Improve Your Feng Shui by Enhancing Your Personal Zodiac Location

Page 34 : Feeling Inspired!
Page 36 : Latest University in Singapore Fusion of Modern Feng Shui with a Touch of Ancient Memoir
Page 46 : Quieting the Mind Solves Many Problems: The Power of Calm
Page 52 : Let’s Hop Into The Upper Chakra...
Page 60 : Monkey God Visits Us on 15th Day of the New Year
  Life & Living  
Page 40 : Ciao Roma!
Page 51 : Q&A with Charok Lama
Page 58 : Celebrating the Spring Dragon Festival
Page 64 : Rites of Passage
Page 70 : Chi Kitchen at Debenhams
Page 72 : Modern Dining Inside 260 Million Year Cave
Page 78 : The Success Star
Page 80 : Retail Design: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Product
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 84 : Flying Star Updates for March
Page 85 : Lifestyle Planner for March
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for March
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for March
Page 87 : Ask Aunt Agga