Cover of FSW#108 // June 2017
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In this issue we feature the immortal Vajraputra, also affectionately known as “Laughing Lion Luohon”. He gave up the life of a lion-hunter and was given the nickname “Man of Cats”. It is said that wherever the Vajraputra resides, there will be laughter and the protection of all lions. Thus his presence in the home increases joyfulness and keeps your abode safe from bad spirits.

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Page 10 : The Magic of Macron & Trogneux
Page 16 : How Lillian’s Feng Shui Books Changed My Life
Page 30 : The Dragon’s Spine: China Unveils the World’S Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel

Page 26 : Parents Expecting Fire Rooster Babies!
Page 32 : Life With Lillian: Catching Up with Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians
Page 36 : Life With Lillian: Penang Movie Moves Me to Bits
Page 46 : Let’s (H)Ear It for Elaine
Page 74 : Loh Lik Peng: Hotelier Extraordinaire
  Life & Living  
Page 15 : Health: Suppress Illness Energies
Page 39 : Give Yourself a Productivity Boost!
Page 42 : Five Handy Tips for Keeping A Journal
Page 49 : Contemplating Diagonal Bed Positions
Page 51 : Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Page 52 : Bella Barcelona
Page 60 : What is the Meaning of “Success”?
Page 64 : Reflections of a Feng Shui Master
Page 67 : Glamorous Amulets that Keep You Safe at Night Parties
Page 70 : Details in Design
Page 78 : Living Mindfully: Lucky Days of Your Life!
Page 80 : The Power of Momentum
Page 84 : The Duplicate Star
  In Every Issue  
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for June
Page 88 : Flying Star Updates for June
Page 90 : Significant Spiritual Days for June
Page 92 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 94 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair