Cover of FSW#84// June 2015
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In this issue we feature a beautiful Chinese porcelain treasure vase embellished with the Wishfulfilling Tree inspired by the Ming Dynasty. The Chinese have always had a tradition of collecting treasure vases to symbolically increase their wealth and prosperity luck. Treasure vases are usually decorated with auspicious wealth symbols and can be used to store rice and precious things.

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Page 10 : Chris Hemsworth: Our Favourite Superhero
Page 13 : China: Through the Looking Glass
Page 18 : Nurturing the 8 Aptitudes

Page 20 : House Facing a Major Emptiness Line Dries Up Luck for this Real Estate Agent
Page 24 : Princess Charlotte: Future Beauty and Style Icon in the Making
Page 30 : Nine Things about the Face of David Cameron
Page 32 : What Price Art and other Collectibles?
Page 36 : Chatting with a Billionaire about Death
  Life & Living  
Page 17 : Father’s Day Special
Page 44 : Seven Amigos in Spain: Ronda and Seville
Page 51 : WOFS Kota Kinabalu and WOFS Melaka Relocate
Page 52 : Take It: It’s Sent from Heaven
Page 54 : Nuts: Luckier and Healthier than You Realise
Page 56 : The King and I Returns to Broadway
Page 58 : The Empress Of China – Now Showing Online
Page 59 : Here Lies Love
Page 62 : Canine Capers in Chubby Chops
Page 66 : Coronation Ceremony of Perak Sultan
Page 70 : The Wise Men of China
Page 72 : Single or Married: We all Want the Same Things!
Page 76 : Which is More Important? Function Or Use?
Page 80 : Tarot Card of the Month: The Devil
  In Every Issue  
Page 82 : Flying Star Updates for June
Page 83 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for June
Page 84 : Astrology Readings for June
Page 86 : Significant Spiritual Days for June
Page 89 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 94 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair