Cover of FSW#46// July & August 2010
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The cover picture features bright red apples ripe for the picking. Apples symbolize peace and harmony in Chinese culture and are excellent to have in and around the home.

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Page 16 : Cycles of Showbiz Stardom
Page 22 : Feng Shui & the Philippines Presidency
Page 30 : The Feng Shui of Money
Page 12 : Make the Walls of your Home Fabulously Auspicious
Page 24 : Simon Cowell & the X Factor
Page 48 : A Very Extraordinary Mother’s Day!
Page 46 : Shahrukh Khan: It’s all in the Charts!
Page 60 : Home Stay in Nepal’s Katmandu Valley
Page 62 : Now & Then: The Story of a House
  Life & Living  
Page 28 : Asian Designers Taking American by Storm
Page 36 : Discovering Past Lives
Page 42 : Lama Zopa Rinpoche Come to Visit
Page 43 : The Wonders of Aloe Vera
Page 44 : My Shrinking Tummy
Page 53   Invite Success!
Page 56   Gemma Arterton: A Real Life Goddess?
Page 58   Liz Taylor & Richard Burton
Page 66   Identify the Problem to Find the Solution
Page 68   Investigating the Earth Vaastu Style
Page 70   Investigating the Earth Vaastu Style
Page 62   Unlock Secret Treasures Within You
  In Every Issue  
Page 51 : Cheat Sheet: How to Purify Your Living Space using the Singing Bowl
Page 73   Cutting Your Hair Can Bring Good or Bad Luck
Page 74 : Feng Shui Planner:
July & August
Page 76 : Flying Star Updates:
July & August
Page 78 : Feng Shui Astrology
Page 82 : Ask Aunt Agga