Cover of FSW#64// July & August 2013
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In this issue we feature the Bodhisattva Ksiddigharba with the Three Celestial Guardians. Ksiddigharba is known as the God of the Earth, and he commands the elements. In 2013, the East is afflicted with the Three Killings as well as the Natural Disaster Star. Invite Ksiddigharba and the Three Celestial Guardians into your home. Place them in the East to subdue these negatives stars.

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Page 10 : Does your Name Spell Double Success?
Page 16 : Juanita Lee does it with Panache and Great Style!
Page 22 : Cambridge Revisited

Page 28 : Beware of the Triple Five Yellow and Hungry Ghost Month this August
Page 32 : Offering Incense in August Increases Your Good Karma!
Page 34 : Dateline London!
Page 36 : Harnessing the Spirit of Shambala
Page 48 : Activating Big Auspicious Luck with the Sacred White Elephant
  Life & Living  
Page 15 : Building Cosmic Power
Page 40 : My New Kitchen and Dining Room
Page 44 : My Home, My Style
Page 46 : My Outdoors, My Universe
Page 50 : Magnetising Good Fortune with Dzi Beads
Page 53 : Courting the Cotswolds
Page 58 : Marriage and Romance Luck
Page 60 : Rendezvouz with Lillian!
Page 62 : Tango Dancing & Flying Windhorse Flags under the Stars
Page 66 : FRIGGA: Making Sense of Fashion and Feng Shui
Page 69 : Feng Shui with a Modern Twist in Singapore!
Page 70 : The Power of Water
Page 74 : Yin and Yang, Black and White
  In Every Issue  
Page 49 : Cheat Sheet: Give Your Home an Energy Makeover Once a Month
Page 75 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 76 : Feng Shui Planner: July & August
Page 78 : Flying Star Updates for July & August
Page 80 : Feng Shui Astrology for July & August
Page 84 : Ask Aunt Agga