Cover of FSW#109 // July 2017
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In this issue, we feature Kuan Yin, the benevolent Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She is shown sitting in a languishing, relaxed pose. Her presence reminds us to be tolerant and merciful in our attitude; her energy brings peace in a month where the #3 star dominates. If you have her at home, place her in a prominent position to ensure greater harmony this month.

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Page 10 : Life with Lillian: The Art of Placement
Page 16 : Jared Kushner: Real Estate Mogul. Deal Maker. Political Powerhouse
Page 36 : Priyanka Chopra: From Miss World to Bollywood to Hollywood

Page 24 : Life with Lillian: Getting the Astrology Right is so Helpful
Page 30 : Cher Ng: The King of Clubs
Page 40 : The Paht Chee of Ed Sheeran
Page 52 : Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Page 64 : Wonder Woman: Goddess of The 21st Century
  Life & Living  
Page 23 : Attract Compliments & Fabulous Good Luck!
Page 42 : Going for Gold in Melbourne
Page 49 : Stylish Brooches & Hangings with Secret Protection Mantras
Page 50 : The Perks of Nearing 40
Page 60 : Kazakhstan Hosts Global “Expo 2017”: Stunning New City that Resembles a “Blooming Flower”
Page 70 : Quick & Easy Tips for Fixer Uppers
Page 76 : Happiness Is…
Page 80 : Enrich Your Life with Journaling.
Page 82 : What's Your Story?
  In Every Issue  
Page 85 : Lucky Days for July
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for July
Page 88 : Flying Star Updates for July
Page 90 : Significant Spiritual Days for July
Page 92 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 94 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair