Cover of FSW#97// July 2016
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In this issue we feature the beautiful goddess of compassion Kuan Yin, sitting languidly on top of a full moon. She is the bringer of peace and happiness for all who reveres her. This month, the #6 divine star makes an appearance, so paying tribute to this magnificent bodhisattva triggers her benevolent blessings and protection! Invite Kuan Yin into your home and wear her mantra ring!

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Page 10 : Ghostbusters is Back! Now with an All-Girl Team
Page 14 : The Good & Bad of Water Energy
Page 18 : Feng Shui in Dabu Green Dragons & White Tigers in the Hakka Villages of Dabu County of Southeast China
Page 28 : Using the “Small Tai Chi” Method to Compensate for the Missing Corners You Want to Activate
Page 50 : Releasing Deep-Seated Fears with Tapping

Page 26 : Visiting the Porcelain Factory
Page 32 : All Night Retreat in Praise of Mother Tara with My Mafia, the Mindful Alliance Of Friends In Attainment
Page 56 : Finding Dory A Fish Tale for the Whole Family
Page 34 : In Search of the Life Force Stone
Page 38 : 40 Years since My Harvard Business School Days
  Life & Living  
Page 31 : Mantra Scarves & Shawls
Page 42 : Understanding the Empowering Energy of Enhancement Feng Shui
Page 44 : 10 Lucky Trees Bearing Fruit that Harvest Good Fortune
Page 49 : Sacred, Powerful Brooches
Page 48 : Q&A with Charok Lama
Page 58 : Going Wild in Sabah
Page 64 : Self Help, The Feng Shui Way!
Page 66 : Design Diaries: How to Design a Landscaped Garden
Page 72 : Did These 4 Signs Save My Life?
Page 75 : Who do These Pictures Remind You of?
Page 76 : Star of Yin Gate Can Be Dangerous
Page 80 : Having My First Child
Page 94 : Tinkling Wonders
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 84 : Lifestyle Planner for July
Page 85 : Flying Star Updates for July
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for July
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for July
Page 91 : Ask Aunt Agga