Cover of FSW#61// January & February 2013
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We feature the magnificent Kalachakra Stupa, our most powerful cure for 2013, for subduing the Five Yellow that has flown into the centre of the home! This dazzlingly beautiful stupa carries powerful mantras that transforms your home into the abode of billions of cosmic protectors, attracting blessings of prosperity, health and happiness! The lineage texts reveal that the Kalachakra Stupa invokes the protection of the warriors of Shambala!

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Page 10 : January 2013 Planner – Getting Your Home Organised!
Page 17 : February 2013 Planner – Celebrating Chinese New Year
Page 20 : Introducing General Xu Dan - The Tai Sui God of 2013
Page 22 : What Direction Does Your House Face? What Direction does your Apartment face?

Page 26 : 2013’s Naga Year brings Big and Small Auspicious Stars… but also one Natural Disaster Star…
Page 28 : Michelle Obama: FSW’s Woman of the Year
Page 34 : Feng Shui Makeover: Resolutions for 2013
Page 42 : Female Friendships
Page 44 : Our Oscar Favourites: Who Will Win?
  Life & Living  
Page 46 : Inviting Mentors,Success and Love with Windchimes
Page 48 : Letter to Lillian: Magic Baby!
Page 55 : Spiritual Crystals
Page 56 : Gangnam and its Style Goes Global!
Page 62 : Four Pillars bring Love, Romance, Popularity and Sex Appeal!
Page 64 : Kuala Lumpur’s Vintage Hotel opens Majestically
Page 68 : Horse Play: The Tomlinson Cup Takes Wing
Page 70 : 6 Tips to a Successful Open Plan Design
Page 74 : Honouring The Water Snake Year
Page 76 : Jumpstarting Your Luck with 8 Auspicious Symbols
  In Every Issue  
Page 51 : Cheat Sheet: Luck Remedies for the 12 Animal Signs
Page 77 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 78 : Flying Star Updates for
January & February
Page 80 : Feng Shui Astrology for
January & February
Page 84 : Ask Aunt Agga