Cover of FSW#91// January 2016
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This month we feature the most important cure that is needed for the Year of the Monkey – the Medicine Buddha Stupa. The Year of the Monkey holds great promise for many signs, but it is also afflicted with the dark Black Star #2 which can trigger epidemics, natural disaster and misfortune. This beautiful chorten with the image and mantras of the Great Medicine Buddha completely dispels all harm brought by the #2. Place it in the centre of your living room.

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Page 10 : Unique Configuration in the 2016 Feng Shui Chart Monkey Year Benefits From Earth Axis & Trinity of White Stars
Page 14 : The Five Elements: The Cure Works Every Time Whatever the Feng Shui Distress
Page 24 : Daisy Ridley: Rising New Star of the Galaxy

Page 28 : Feeling the Spiritual Magic of Bodhgaya’s Holy Ground
Page 32 : Swedish Bejewelled Royals Escort out the Scientists
Page 36 : The “27 Life” of Daisuke Sakaguchi
Page 42 : Roadtrip on the Himalayas
Page 54 : Romance and Love Culminates In a Marriage Proposal at Vulture Peak
  Life & Living  
Page 18 : Colouring Craze Going Strong
Page 39 : Feng Shui Graduates Come to India with Me
Page 41 : Auspicious Key Chains: 2016 Charms for Enhancement and Protection
Page 48 : Alluring Alentejo: Hidden Gem
of Portugal
Page 60 : How to Activate the Luckiest Location of Your Home
Page 62 : Lessons My Parents Taught Me (Good Times and Bad Times)
Page 64 : Ipoh Socialites go “Tang Dynasty”
Page 74 : The Benefits of Working Backwards
Page 78 : Interview with a Feng Shui Consultant
Page 80 : The Fortune Noble Star
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 84 : Flying Star Updates for January
Page 85 : Lifestyle Planner for January
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for January
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for January
Page 90 : Ask Aunt Agga