Cover of FSW#79// January 2015
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In this issue, we welcome the Year of the Sheep, the animal sign hailed for its wisdom and endurance. Displaying three sheep in your home brings wealth luck as it is the Sheep that provides the key to opening mountains of gold!

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Page 10 : Royal Twins: Natural or with the help of science?
Page 14 : Ivanka Trump: Modern Matriarch of the 21st Century
Page 28 : Pink Polo: A Girly Affair

Page 19 : WOFS New Plaque Unveiling
Page 20 : Outlook for the 12 Animal Signs
Page 26 : General Yan Xian

Page 32

: The Doorway Effect

Page 36

: Katmandu: for the 15th Time and the Best Ever!

Page 42

: Dabbling in Digital Art

Page 44

: Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference to your Feng Shui
  Life & Living  
Page 50 : There is Nothing Like a Dame
Page 54 : Beware the Coming Year’s Illness 2 Star
Page 56 : The Buddhist Warrior
Page 59 : Swimming Pool in the Northwest… Good or Bad?
Page 62 : Wild About Mulu
Page 68 : What Have You Done for You lately?
Page 70 : Will Nicolas Sarkozy take back the French Presidency in 2017?
Page 76 : Renovating Your Apartment:Maximizing Potential
  In Every Issue  
Page 79 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 80 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for January
Page 81 : Flying Star Updates for January
Page 82 : Astrology Readings for January
Page 84 : Significant Spiritual Days for January
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga