Cover of FSW#92// February 2016
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In this issue, we warmly welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey with this powerful image of the Monkey God riding the Water Dragon! The Monkey and the Dragon are powerful allies of the Zodiac; and the Dragon brings hidden Power! If you are wishing for greater success and wealth this year, place this image on your desk and enjoy all the goodies that the Monkey Year has to offer!

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Page 16 : Checklist for Welcoming the Year of the Fire Monkey
Page 24 : 8 Important New Year Traditions to Ensure Good Marriage Luck
Page 26 : General Guan Zong: God of the Year 2016
Page 28 : Start Your Business on a Good Date
Page 29 : Invite the God of Wealth

Page 10 : Extravaganza Recap
Page 30 : Leonardo DiCaprio: Long due an Oscar!
Page 36 : Thinking About Life at 70
Page 50 : Feng Shui for Small Apartments
Page 65 : Losar: The 15 Days of Miracles
  Life & Living  
Page 35 : Boost Prosperity Luck for the Year of the Fire Monkey
Page 36 : Happy Birthday Dearest Lillian!
Page 44 : Golden Globe Awards 2016: Going for Gold
Page 48 : Yang-May Ooi: The Rebel at Heart
Page 54 : Friends Really Can be Forever
Page 60 : A Florentine Affair
Page 68 : Left and Right
Page 70 : Feng Shui Afflictions
Page 78 : Light and Temperature
Page 80 : The 6 Talented Stars
Page 94 : Birds of the Four Seasons
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 84 : Flying Star Updates for February
Page 85 : Lifestyle Planner for February
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for February
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for February
Page 90 : Ask Aunt Agga