Cover of FSW#80// February 2015
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In this issue, we welcome Chinese New Year with this magnificent peach tree! The Peach is associated with long life, happiness luck, peace and abundance! Displaying a large fruiting peach tree in your home during this festive season attracts excellent good fortune for the year!

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Page 10 : Lillian Too’s Year of the Wood Sheep Extravaganza
Page 16 : Invite in the God of Wealth on the First Day of Chinese New Year
Page 18 : Eat Well This Lunar New Year
Page 28 : Good Days to Restart Work and Travel during Chinese New Year
Page 30 : The Legend of the Chinese New Year Day
Page 32 : Chinese New Year Taboos

Page 22 : Hollywood on Show as Oscar Time Comes Around
Page 34 : Having it all in 2015: Nine Ways to reinvent yourself and to jumpstart your career
Page 37 : All Things Celestial in the Sacred Trinity

Page 48

: Crossing an Imaginary Milestone
  Life & Living  
Page 27 : All Set to Enthrall
Page 38 : On Mixed Marriages
Page 42 : Rejuvenating My House to Draw in 2015’s New Year Energy
Page 50 : “Back to School” Tips for a Brighter and Safer Academic Year for your Children
Page 54 : Saving Sabah
Page 62 : Designing in Moderation
Page 65 : Chinese New Year in the USA
Page 66 : The Razzle Dazzle World of Durrah
Page 72 : Balance in Your Basket of Elements Enhances Success Luck
Page 78 : Tarot Card for the Month: The Star
  In Every Issue  
Page 80 : Flying Star Updates for February
Page 81 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for February
Page 82 : Astrology Readings for February
Page 84 : Significant Spiritual Days for February
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 94 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair