Cover of FSW#68// February 2014
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With love in the air, we feature a sweet pair of Lovebirds perched on the Double Happiness symbol the classical feng shui emblem for attracting romance and conjugal happiness! In 2014 the Peach Blossom star dominates the centre, enhancing marriage prospects for almost all animal signs. Display this beautiful pair of lovebirds in the centre of your living room, and there could very well be wedding celebrations by the end of the year!

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Page 12 : The Unstoppable Kardashian Phenomenon!
Page 18 : House of Rising Energy
Page 24 : The Fall from Grace of France's Pseudo First Lady

Page 10 : Stars Sizzling Hot at the Golden Globes
Page 28 : Feng Shui Rituals to Enhance Marriage, Strengthen Friendships and Invite Love Into Your Life
Page 32 : Update your Feng Shui according to your House's Facing Direction
Page 38 : Victorious Valentine
Page 42 : Another Year Older, Hopefully Wiser
Page 48 : The Power Potential of your Eyes
  Life & Living  
Page 36 : Blacks and Blues
Page 53 : Feng Shui On-the-Go
Page 54 : Harvesting Power from a Glass Sphere
Page 56 : Thailand on Tracks
Page 64 : Black Dog Syndrome
Page 66 : Four Shades of Love
Page 69 : Earth Goddess
Page 72 : Time to Renovate: Creating Change
Page 76 : Energizing Your Star of Happiness with Precious Stones set in Gold
  In Every Issue  
Page 77 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 78 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for February
Page 79 : Flying Star Updates for February
Page 80 : Astrology Readings for February
Page 82 : Significant Spiritual Days for February
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga