Cover of FSW#102// December 2016
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This issue, we feature the God of Wealth, one of the three sages in the “Fuk Luk Sau” trinity of Good Fortune. As we prepare ourselves for the Star of Victory that takes dominance next year, the God of Wealth gives us the luck to move ahead with confidence. His right hand bestows an ingot, and his left wields the Chinese sceptre of authority – the Ruyi. Invite him into your home and place him prominently in the living room.

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Page 10 : The Magic, Mantra & Mastery of Soon-to-Be President Donald Trump
Page 24 : Lillian Too’s Singapore Extravaganza: Old Friends & New Friends
Page 50 : The Magic of Spiritual Feng Shui: Students Learn to Release Their Psychic Power

Page 16 : Trump’s Tips on Living Life & Being Successful
Page 18 : Trump’s Magnificent Mansion in The Skies
Page 28 : Strange is Good
Page 32 : Visiting Mussoorie, Meeting Guru Rinpoche
Page 38 : Boston: Reunion Nostalgia
  Life & Living  
Page 15 : Trump & Obama: Analysing Their Body Language
Page 23 : Wondrous Gifts
Page 42 : Tohoku: The Spirit of Japan
Page 56 : Keith Kee: 15 Glorious Years at the Top of His Game!
Page 60 : Learning to Love Yourself
Page 63 : Feng Shui Observations
Page 66 : Living Gloriously After Losing a Loved One
Page 69 : Malaysia’s Landmark Chinese Dragon: In Johore!
Page 70 : Friendships and Friends
Page 76 : Paht Chee: The Retreating Star
Page 80 : The Design Process
Page 84 : Give Me Some Feng Shui Fairy Dust!
Page 94 : Harnessing the Power of The 168 White Stars in 2017
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 85 : Flying Star Updates for December
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for December
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for December
Page 90 : Lifestyle Planner for December
Page 92 : Ask Aunt Agga