Cover of FSW#90// December 2015
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This month we feature the magnificent Wind Horse to lift the lungta energies of the world, as we welcome back the bright light that marks the end of the darkest months of the year. The Wind Horse raises one’s good fortune and success potential! Place the Wind Horse on your desk from the 22nd December, as it will prepare you for the coming year’s energies! Enter 2016 with a high lungta and you’ll enjoy a much more fruitful year ahead!

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Page 10 : Adele: The British Powerhouse is Back!
Page 12 : Star Wars: The Force Awakens… and the Magic Returns
Page 22 : The Uncommon Relics of Choden Rinpoche

Page 20 : Faces of Grief as Terror Strikes. Unlucky Friday 13th converges with Afflicted Monthly and Annual Stars of the Feng Shui Chart
Page 28 : Moving into a New Apartment? Make Sure You Check Your Feng Shui.
Page 32 : The Rain Cloud Sutra
Page 36 : Lillian Too Treats Latest MCC Class to New Feng Shui Formulas
Page 50 : Surya Hand Mudras: To Invoke the Healing Energies of the Sun
  Life & Living  
Page 42 : Auspicious Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family
Page 44 : Spirit of Central Portugal
Page 52 : The Festival of Light
Page 56 : Going Back to the Source of Space and Time Feng Shui
Page 62 : Burying Coins and Other Auspicious Symbols Brings Continuity of Family Prosperity
Page 64 : The Mystical Art: Anisa Mandahiling
Page 68 : Winning Lottery: Letter from Katherine Kuan
Page 72 : Lighting Technique: the Magic Ingredient on the Design Palette
Page 75 : Activating the Water Element
Page 76 : The Four Heavenly Protector Stars of Paht Chee
Page 80 : Delicious Holiday Recipe in Under 30 Minutes
  In Every Issue  
Page 83 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 84 : Flying Star Updates for December
Page 85 : Lifestyle Planner for December
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for December
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for December
Page 91 : Ask Aunt Agga