Cover of FSW#86// August 2015
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We love our Golden Wealth Pot Incense Burner, decorated with ingots and coins! As we enter into a month where ghosts and spirits roam freely amongst us, offering incense becomes our best defence against danger and spirit harm! Fill this incense burner with sandalwood and kemenyen! Let the fragrant white smoke appease your local landlords and wondering spirits outside! Yes, it’s really this easy to get through Hungry Ghost with as little obstacles as possible.

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Page 10 : Paris Hilton
Page 15 : Reclaim Your Southwest Sector: Do it Before the Start of 2016
Page 18 : Michael Douglas joins the Superhero Family

Page 24 : The Mind of Sun Tzu
Page 28 : Connecting With A Spiritual Friend
Page 32 : My Friend Li Dong Creates a New Business
Page 46 : 9 Facebook “Selfies” That can Really Harm You!
Page 56 : Superstitions from Around the World
Page 58 : Going Vegetarian: Gourmet Goddess Juanita shares delicious Recipes!
  Life & Living  
Page 35 : Design Suggestions to add Stylish Ambience to Your Home
Page 38 : Make a Date with Lisbon
Page 45 : Summer Feng Shui!
Page 50 : Singapore Five-O
Page 62 : Activating the Wood Element
Page 64 : Women of Substance: Hoisting the Flag for Malaysia
Page 67 : Essential Hungry Ghost Protection Amulets
Page 68 : A Magical Ride on a Hot Air Balloon
Page 72 : It’s Summer: Time to Deck Out!
Page 76 : The Importance of Earthly Branch Animals in Paht Chee
  In Every Issue  
Page 81 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 82 : Star Signs
Page 84 : Flying Star Updates for August
Page 85 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for August
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for August
Page 88 : Significant Spiritual Days for August
Page 90 : Ask Aunt Agga