Cover of FSW#106 // April 2017
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In this issue, we feature General Guan Yu, the Chinese Military God of Stratagem and War. It reminds us to march into the new season with fearlessness, wisdom and honour. Be bold in pushing for progress, but do not neglect your principles and conduct! This is the advice for getting ahead in a Rooster Year.

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Page 10 : Cherry Blossoms & Other Flowers
Page 24 : Was It Dirty Politics, Black Magic or Bad Feng Shui That Dethroned The Dragon Queen of Korea?
Page 42 : Apple Park:7 Auspicious Features We Love About Apple’s Brand New Spaceship Campus

Page 14 : Rare Gem of A Lady
Page 20 : Limkokwing Fashion Club Rocks at London Fashion Week
Page 48 : Ed Sheeran: A Big Believer of Symbols Hits Big Success
Page 54 : Sunny Hale: Saying Goodbye to a Champion
Page 56 : 18 Ways to Give Your Love Relationship a Boost
Page 70 : New Season Formula 1 Luck Profile of The Lead Players
  Life & Living  
Page 13 : Take a Chill Pill
Page 30 : Life With Lillian: Be Bold For Change
Page 36 : Life With Lillian: Plants Bring Powerful Energy Into The Home
Page 38 : Epic Churning of The Ocean
Page 41 : Overcoming The Illness Star
Page 57 : Home Amulets That Bring a Halo of Protection
Page 64 : Fleeing The Winter to Morocco
Page 76 : Gratitude Is Like a Magnet Bringing You More…
Page 80 : Choosing a Property to Buy
Page 84 : The Reclusive Stubborn Star
  In Every Issue  
Page 86 : Astrology Readings for April
Page 88 : Flying Star Updates for April
Page 90 : Significant Spiritual Days for April
Page 92 : Ask Aunt Agga
Page 94 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair