Cover of FSW#70// April 2014
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On this issue we feature the magnificent Wood Victory Horse, the bringer of achievement luck! When placed on your desk (especially this year) it helps you harness all the wood and fire energy for victory in all your undertakings! The Victory Horse is the ultimate symbol of triumph, overcoming all obstacles with speed and prowess!

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Page 10 : Jewels Truly are Wish Granting
Page 12 : Leading Men Losing Out!
Page 24 : The Amazing Story of Lupita Nyong’o

Page 16 : Hurray for the New Penang Bridge
Page 19 : Taps Running Dry in Malaysia
Page 34 : Notable Noses of our Times
Page 37 : Feng Sui for Protection this Yin Month
Page 38 : Bodghaya Revisited
Page 42 : Most Marvellous Mussoorie
Page 74 : The Magic of Mindrollng
  Life & Living  
Page 30 : 8 Ways to Know if the Guy in your Life is Good for you
Page 33 : Fashion Dos’ and Taboos: Floaty Dresses
Page 46 : Your Bathroom is More Important Than You Think
Page 50 : Celebrating 15 Glorious Years in Collaboration
Page 54 : Introducing the Fascinating Science of Birthdate Numerology
Page 58 : Formula One Season: Who will be the Big Names this Season?
Page 61 : Rejoicing over a Precious Parasol
Page 62 : Langkawi’s Green Frangipani
Page 67 : Ancient Mandala Emerges for Auction
Page 72 : Empty House Syndrome
  In Every Issue  
Page 77 : Good & Bad Days to Cut Your Hair
Page 78 : Feng Shui Lifestyle Planner for April
Page 79 : Flying Star Updates for April
Page 80 : Astrology Readings for April
Page 82 : Significant Spiritual Days for April
Page 85 : Ask Aunt Agga