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The last month has been very hazy for us here in Kuala Lumpur, brought by the forest fires burning in Indonesia, and while we had a short two-week respite in mid-October, the haze has since returned with a vengeance. Reports predict it could last till January, or even March of next year. In the meantime, schools have to keep closing, health worries are escalating and so are illnesses. Everyone is desperately praying for rain and for winds to blow the toxic air into the oceans.

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Classical Green Dragon White Tiger In Hong Kong’s Deep Water Bay
Lillian Too highlights the auspicious landscape feng shui formation that fuels the good fortune of Hong Kong’s ever-growing and thriving economy!
Repulse Bay Hong Kong
The four celestial guardians envelop this magnificent bay with auspicious Dragon’s breath!
Reunion Lunch with University Malaya Fellow Alumni Brings Back Memories of College Days
Lillian Too reminisces with her University classmates and reconnects with Datin Halimah and Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, two brilliant and powerful women of Malaysia!
Fabulous Friendship Feng Shui Blossoming Between United Kingdom & China
The Queen of England gives an amazing state banquet to welcome Chinese President Xi Jin Ping, with the Duchess of Cambridge dressed in yang red and a lotus tiara!
Rihanna: Dark Dragon
We feature the fearless and fiery Barbados hip-hop star starlet who’s all set to release her new album ANTI this coming month!
Bringing Back the NW & SW Sectors Creates New Togetherness in this Marriage
Hanni Lim writes about how this Kiwi couple survived an extra-marital affair just by closing up the missing corners of their house.
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Aunt Agga answers questions on burning incense inside the house, L shaped land, chick poop on the roof and dispelling bad luck caused by breaking a mirror.