Cover of FSW#80// February 2015 (Click on the cover to preview this issue)  

Our start of year issue usually becomes a collector’s edition for readers, excellent to keep as an important reference for the following twelve months, as this is the issue when we explain all the relevant charts for the coming year that you can refer to when you want to check back on cures when things go wrong through the year.

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Hollywood on Show as Oscar Time Comes Around
Who will take home Oscar honours this year? It could be close!
Having it all in 2015: Nine Ways to reinvent yourself and to jumpstart your career
Powerful tips on crafting a brand new reality for yourself.
All Things Celestial in the Sacred Trinity
There’s a sacred and powerful side to the number 3. Lillian Too explains the power of the Trinity and how we can benefit from it this year.
Lillian Too’s Year of the Wood Sheep Extravaganza:
We share highlights of this momentous event – what to expect in 2015 and how to unlock prosperity luck in an aggressive year.
Invite in the God of Wealth on the First Day of Chinese New Year
The ritual and method for welcoming prosperity luck on the first day of the lunar year explained.
Eat Well This Lunar New Year
Our Chinese New Year Planner on what to eat and do for the first fifteen days of this year’s lunar calendar. And what not to do.
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