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This must surely be a Russian issue! We have just come back from ten days of surreal hospitality in a country filled with the most beautiful and warm people, buildings and architecture that left us in awe, and a history and heritage that stamped an indelibly lasting impression. Our wonderful hosts Snezhana Tikhonova and Tatjana Birukhova invited Lillian Too to bring her feng shui event to Russia. Co-hosting us was the lovely Oxana Girko.

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Life with Lillian: Feeling Regal & Loved in Russia
Lillian Too shares beautiful pictures of her travels in St Petersberg and Moscow... being wined, dined and flown on a private plane by her Russian hosts!
Life with Lillian: Family Bonding at Falls Creek Outside Melbourne
Lillian and Jennifer Too take to the ski slopes near Melbourne, Australia where the snow is plentiful and the lodges are warm! A cosy winter holiday that brings the family closer together!
Experiencing a Russian Circus
Jennifer Too watches the Moscow Nikulin Circus and regails the daring feats and animal talent of the Russian Circus! A show not to be missed on your next visit to Moscow!
Lillian Too Teaches The Three Dimensions of Feng Shui in Moscowt
Lillian Too visits Moscow and spends two days sharing space, time and spiritual feng shui secrets with her Russian-speaking fans! Here are the photos and highlights!
Forest City: China Builds a $100 Billion-Dollar Megapolis of Paradise Islands off the Shores of South Malaysia
China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative gets a roaring start with Forest City, a group of reclaimed islands that will change the economic land and seascape in Southeast Asia.
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Phillip Lim takes a peek at his Paht Chee chart and discovers amazing stars that outshine his lack of wealth elements. Find out how his ten-year pillars made him a billionaire!
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Aunt Agga answers questions about digging the garden this year, family members dying, and what to do if a friend sweeps your feet with a broom.