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Where does feng shui come from? How did it originate? Yes, it is an ancient Chinese practice – some call it an art, others insist it is a science – and while today it has become much more widely known the world over, for the Chinese it has been a way of life for centuries. There are many old lineage texts and scriptures, sometimes written in highly cryptic poetic form that make up China’s vast intellectual gold mine.

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Parents Expecting Fire Rooster Babies!
If you’re having a baby this year, you’ll want to know about these key feng shui tips to take note. Plus, a very “blingy” piece of advice for Fire Rooster children that comes directly from the Chinese Tungsin Almanac.
Life With Lillian: Catching Up with Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians
Lillian Too shares her excitement about the Warner Bros’ Asian movie that’s being filmed in Malaysia, featuring the international bestseller from Kevin Kwan! The decadent life of the ultra-rich Chinese will soon be in our big screens!
Life With Lillian: Penang Movie Moves Me to Bits
Lillian Too gives high thumbs-up reviews to the Penang-made film “You Mean the World to Me” which brings back feelings of nostalgia and sadness. A powerful movie, not to be missed.
The Magic of Macron & Trogneux
France’s newly elected President is 24 years younger than his wife! Hanni Lim investigates and reveals interesting feng shui implications of this partnership for the nation of France.
How Lillian’s Feng Shui Books Changed My Life
Lillian Too’s Master Practitioner Course in April attracts students from 13 countries. They tell us of how her feng shui books made a positive difference in their lives and brought them here to Malaysia.!
The Dragon’s Spine: China Unveils the World’s Largest Spokeless Ferris Wheel
The Weifang city of China’s Shandong province has just launched their beautiful spokeless ferris wheel. Find out how this will bring the city good fortune and prosperity in years to come!
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Aunt Agga answers questions about wearing jade bangles, meeting an eagle, attracting love if you’re gay and using good directions even if they have bad stars.