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As we move into September and the last quarter of 2014, the energies of the year seems to be reaching a crescendo. Fire energy is blazing brightly; wars that have broken out in various corners of the world are going strong and not fizzling out. Anger chi persists, so it is vital to continue facing the serious hostile afflictions of the year head on, making sure one is being guarded cosmically.

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Princess Charlene Comes Into Her Own
The future Queen of Monaco emerges victorious and pregnant above gossip, scandal and royal rivals!
London Break: Rekindling Long Lasting Friendships
Lillian Too shares holiday musings of her recent trip to London – morning walks by the park, watching the QPR game and laughter with old friends!
Wearing Protection Wheels
Lillian Too reveals the power of protection wheels and explains why they’re so important for the remaining half of the year.
The Radiating Power of the Obelisk
Obelisks exist in every capital city of the world. What is their significance and are they good feng shui? Lillian Too examines the impact of obelisks!
Zen Buddhist Décor In a Modern Setting
Jennifer Too gets the grand tour of the tasteful zen palace that makes the home of entrepreneur Lee Chung Han and his wife Png Tze Hua.
The Gloriously Revitalised Feng Shui of Kensington Palace
Honey Lim investigates the landscape feng shui of Kensington Palace, home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about bamboo plants, number 7s, changing cures, attracting promotion and dining tables facing the main door.