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At FSW, we have started our preparations for the coming Year of the Fire Rooster earlier than usual, and this is because Chinese New Year 2017 falls in January. To give everyone plenty of time to be as prepared as they should be, Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza will be held early this year, ie on November 20th in Singapore at Suntec City and in Kuala Lumpur at the Istana Hotel on December 11th ( for more info).

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Camelot Replay: Natalie Portman Channels the Charisma of Jackie Kennedy
Jennifer Too reviews the latest political biopic of America’s most endearing first lady and the massive role she played in increasing the profile and responsibilities of FLOTUS.
Spielberg & Jack Ma: Hollywood Eyes Exciting New Potential of the Enormous China Market in Latest Alibaba and Wanda Deal
Hollywood heavyweights sign lucrative deals with Chinese billionaires to finance and distribute blockbuster films in China. A new era of movie partnerships is on the horizon..
The Great Wall
Matt Damon plays a starring role in Zhang YiMou’s most expensive American-Chinese fantasy epic to date! We bring you the synopsis behind the secrets of the Great Wall of China!
Katmandu After the Earthquake
Lillian Too revisits Boudhana and Swayambunath Stupa for the first time after the devastating earthquake and is delighted to see that the restoration is coming along wonderfully.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Split...So Many Reasons
Was it bad feng shui that caused this power couple to go separate ways? We examine their Hollywood estate to see what went so terribly wrong.
The Saga of Angelina & Brad Not Written in Their Stars … But in Their Own Karma!
What do their paht chee charts say about the future of these two? Here’s our full analysis of what’s in store for this star Rabbit couple in the Rooster year.
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