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Good fortune comes with maintaining good feng shui through the year and this always depends on how prepared one is as we get ready to welcome the New Year. This is the time to be thinking about the change of energies that take place as we proceed into the coming year of the EARTH DOG. This is when energies change, transforming the mix that come with the placement of the different Ho Tu numbers in the feng shui chart. This needs to be seen within the context of the coming New Year’s Paht Chee and the new stars of the 24 Mountains compass. What we are investigating is the specific luck outlook for each of the animal signs as well as the outlook of the New Year.

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Learning to be Your Own Fortune Teller
Lillian Too’s fresh new two-week Paht Chee Course is a big hit with her students. Here are the highlights of her exciting new course.
The Risks & Dangers of Samayas
The relationship between a Guru and disciple in the Vajrayana Buddhist context refers to an unbreakable bond known as samaya. Charok Lama Rinpoche offers his humble views on this difficult concept and outlines the challenges that modern Gurus and practitioners have to confront in the 21st century.
Davor’s Flavors
Croatian artist Davor Saric showcases abstract masterpieces with gold leaf and acrylic. His artworks sell for RM 15,000 each! Dato Kee Hua Chee chats with the man of the hour.
Xi Jin Ping: China’s New Jade Emperor
The 19th Congress Meeting solidifies President Xi’s uncontended leadership as he picks and chooses who will be his new Politburo Members. Who will be the new Gods of China? Hanni Lim takes a look.
Catherine: A Queen in Waiting
From commoner to royalty, the Duchess of Cambridge has become the icon of modern, progressive monarchy, one that her subjects can adore and relate. Kate Middleton is poised to bring the monarchy to new heights of popularity when she becomes Queen.
Planning for a Child with the Luck of The Emperor Star
Children born in the Earth Dog year have something special in their charts! If you’re expecting a child next year, here’s our guide on how to get all good stars in their chart and avoid the clashes that cause conflict.
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