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The last quarter of the year is always an incredibly busy time for us here at WOFS, but also an exceedingly exciting one. This past month we have been gearing up for the Wood Sheep Year of 2015, which holds a lot of hope and promise especially after a somewhat turbulent Year of the Horse.

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Luke Evans: Leading Man of the Moment
He won our hearts over playing a virtuous and yes almost heroic Dracula; what will the coming Sheep Year bring for this Sheep-born?
Modern Architectural Features
Soaring edges, cutting-edge angles, gravity-defying shapes, infinity pools… but can they cause feng shui problems? Lillian Too offers some food for thought.
Rosamund Pike: From Bond Girl to Gone Girl
Oxford-educated and now making huge waves in Hollywood, Rosamund Pike gets ready for the big time.
Twins: Can Their Destinies Be Different?
Honey Lim analyses the case of twins, using the feng shui pa kua to explain why two individuals with virtually identical birth charts can end up leading such different lives.
Going Gaga Over Horses & Horsemanship
As we approach the finale of this Wood Horse Year, we take a look at CAVALIA, an Equestrian Extravaganza on an Unparalleled Scale.
Everything Hinges on the Calendar
As we move closer to the end of the year, we take note of why changes in energies have such a great impact.
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