Cover of FSW#117 // March 2018
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The lunar new year is starting very late and as we enter March, we are not even out of the first cycle of the new moon yet. The first day of Chinese New Year fell on Feb 16th running for 15 days, with Chap Goh Meh the first full moon of the lunar year falling on March 2nd. As feng shui predictions go, the Double Earth of the Year Pillar brings many new opportunities (as in “buying” opportunities caused by the Wall Street crash that reverberated around the world!) BUT because there is no Lap Chun, we need to “seek out” opportunities for investments and new wealth creation. Money will not fall into our laps but there is prosperity and good chances for those who actively search.

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Harvey Weinstein’s Bad Luck Timing
Phillip Lim investigates the incredible fall of one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Paht Chee analysis reveals Weinstein’s extraordinary chart, but his ten-year luck pillars also pinpoint very specific bad luck indications timed at the heat of the scandal.
Encountering the Diamond Cutter Sutra
When you come across an original handwritten sutra like this in world class calligraphy, it is like finding treasure.
Reinventing the Office
Taking a cue from this year’s chart, Lillian Too shares with readers the renovation process to update the feng shui of WOFS Head Office.
8 Wealth Essentials for Your Home
Symbolic feng shui is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to manifest aspirations into reality. Lillian Too shares 8 indispensable ways to activate for wealth luck this year.
Oscar Watch – Winners & Losers
Who will take home the big prizes at this year’s Academy Awards? We study the movies and stars in this year’s shortlists, making a bet.
Harnessing the Power of 9
This year’s ruling number is 9, considered the sacred number of “Completion”. What this indicates is that everything done this year can be “everlasting”. But how to ensure this perpetual luck works for us?
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Aunt Agga answers questions on the curse of the victory ring, malas breaking, the Dog and Dragon clash, best place to keep a late pet’s ashes, and more.