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October marks the start of the year’s last quarter and as we head to the tail end of the Rooster year to meet the Dog head on, we can already feel the energies changing. The coming year of 2018 holds plenty of promise and the way to go is to be determined to make the most of the opportunities that will come your way and in this, you will surely benefit from understanding how the luck and energy patterns vary and transform from year to year – universally for all and also specifically for each of the twelve astrological signs. So October sees the RELEASE of my annual Astrology and Feng Shui books, which I so enjoy writing each year with my Mum, Lillian Too.

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Climbing the Snowcapped Mountains of The Himalayas
Charok Lama Rinpoche writes about his spontaneous adventure trekking up the snowy mountains of Khumbu and what a blissful experience it brought!
Life with Lillian: Chant a Mantra Fifth Edition
Lillian Too releases the latest fifth Edition of Chant a Mantra booklet that is updated with new prayers and thangka images. Read about all the latest updates to this precious new edition!
Nine Things to Remember when Trekking the Mountains
Nature lovers who enjoy visiting forests and scaling mountains need to be aware of the unwritten rules of engaging with nature! Here are nine tips to help ensure that you enjoy a blissful adventure without running into difficulty with Mother Nature.
Diana: The Glory and Tragedy of a Much-Loved Princess
We chronicle the rise and demise of the world’s most beloved Princess and why she will always remain the Queen of People’s Hearts.
Iconic Chinese Buildings to Go Gaga Over: Feng Shui Symbolism Taken to New Heights
Hanni Lim highlights some of China’s most exotic feng shui buildings! Just taking pictures with them bring auspicious good fortune!
Did the August Solar Eclipse at the Start of Hungry Ghost Month Cause Rain and Fire to Befall North America?
A spate of freak natural disasters hit North America soon after the terrible solar eclipse travelled across their country. Are the two events related, and what can Americans do to dispel the bad luck of the eclipse?
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Aunt Agga answers questions about displaying a cobra snake, dispelling cheating husband vibes, toilet mirrors and more!