Cover of FSW#96 // June 2016 (Click on the cover to preview this issue)  

We are excited to bring you another issue of fabulous feature stories that are sure to enhance your understanding and practice of feng shui, articles that show just how broad a reach feng shui has in our modern world.

As many of you familiar with our calendar knows, this month we gear up for our very special event, Lillian Too’s Spiritual Feng Shui, to be held in Singapore on Sunday June 26th and in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday July 3rd. This year Lillian is focusing on empowering the inner chi in the most powerful and easy way, supplicating the wondrous Lotus Buddha of inner light to bring success and wellbeing in all areas of our lives.

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Reclaiming a Missing Sector in the Home
Hanni Lim explains why a missing sector in the home can be detrimental to your feng shui, and gives step by step instructions on reclaiming back this missing luck!
Receiving & Giving Chi Energy
When you’re feeling blue or stuck in a rut, try this technique! Lilian Too shares a powerful method to quickly harness the chi energies of the Universe for healing and rejuvenation.
Glamourous World of the Cannes Film Festival
No one can ignore the amazing looks and red carpet glamour shining a bright light from the Cannes Festival! We showcase some of the glitziest dresses and talked-about celebs who are out to make their mark!
X-Men: Apocalypse The Way “Multiple Superheroes” Should Be Done
Finally, a multi-character comic movie that clearly defines good vs evil! Jennifer Too hones in on the movie’s success factor and reveals what makes this movie so watchable!
Leicester City: Dharma Way to Victory
A spectacular season of football gets even more exciting when we learn about the Thai Buddhist magic behind the team! Helen Oon checks out the life and feng shui of Leicester City’s founder King Richard III and the power of prayers by King Power Thai billionaire owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.
A Modern Day Saint from Taiwan is the Powerful Force Behind Tzu Chi
Meet the extraordinary Taiwanese nun who founded the largest Buddhist charitable organisation in the world with just one simple principle: compassion through action. She is truly the Chenrezig and Tara of our times.
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Aunt Agga answers questions about dating a younger man, fire places in the wrong sectors, celebrating anniversaries in your wedding gown and much more!