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December is always so much fun because this is the time when you can wrap up for the year, take stock on what you’ve done, pat yourself on the back and look forward to the future. Those who achieved what they set out to accomplish can now make bigger plans, while those who had to live through more challenging astrological times can anticipate better times ahead. Luck always comes in cycles, and when someone comes to me and says they’ve been having a really bad year, the good thing is, most of time, I can truthfully say things are bound to change for the better.

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Thinking of Kaiping
Dato Kee Hua Chee takes us to Kaiping, a little-known region in China caught in a time warp! This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts exotic buildings that display a flamboyant fusion of Chinese and Western structural form, resulting in a unique style all of its own. Worth a visit!
Can’t Get Enough of Superheroes
Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok and DC Comics’ Justice League bring us all our favourite superheroes and gets us thinking of harnessing some superpowers of our own!
Rediscovering My Love for Chinese Dramas
Princess Agents - the most successful Chinese drama of all time - has captured the heart, imagination and TV downtime of millions around the world. Lillian Too shares her new passion with readers.
Tough Year Ahead for Donald Trump
Our detailed Paht Chee reading spells tough times ahead for President Trump as his birth chart is seriously afflicted by the Earth Penalty of Dog, Sheep & Ox. Lillian Too & Phillip Lim give a full analysis of how things may play out for the US President in 2018.
Magical Maratika Caves
Lillian Too and a group of close friends and students make a pilgrimage to this most special holy place high up in the Himalayas. This is where the Lotus Buddha Guru Rinpoche and his consort the Goddess Mandarava are reputed to have gained immortality.
Serious Thoughts on The Tulku System
Charok Lama Rinpoche contemplates Buddhism’s place in today’s world, adding some serious thoughts on the Tulku System of recognising reincarnate lamas.
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