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July is a busy month for all of us here as we gear up for our exciting mid-year Spiritual Feng Shui Event. This year Lillian Too introduces her audience to the practice of the Goddess Tara in NINE manifestations. This is one of the more powerful and quick-acting practices of Spiritual Feng Shui, a practice which Lillian herself has been using for the past fifteen years.

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The Feng Shui of Your Boundary Wall
Lillian Too shares vital tips to watch out for when building your fences and walls around your home.
Man of the World:
Rolf van Bueren

Lillian Too talks of her charming meeting with the creative and innovative German founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre!
Inviting Tara’s Powerful Protection
Hanni Lim reveals a sneak preview on the benefits of practising Tara, and what’s in store for Lillian Too’s upcoming Spiritual Feng Shui event in August!
Game of Thrones:
Riding the Dragon

Jennifer Too writes about the celestial Dragon and all the mythical creatures that have catapulted this swords and sandals series into the big leagues!
Natalie Portman: The Celestial Movie Star of Life
Having made a big name playing celestial roles, we check out Natalie’s new Hebrew movie, as she takes the director’s chair for her latest movie “A Tale of Love & Darkness.”
Climbing the Sacred Mountain
The day that Mount Kinabalu rumbled with anger and reminded us to stay respectful of mountain-climbing spiritual protocols.
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Aunt Agga answers questions about abusive marriages, water in the Southwest, auspicious tattoos, paint colours and selling a stale house.