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The biggest event permeating the world’s consciousness the last two weeks have been the spectacular levels of skill, sportsmanship, tenacity and triumph on show on our TV screens of the Rio Olympics 2016. In every Olympic Games, new records are set and new stars are born; and citizens come together in unity, for a moment forgetting differences while rooting for a collective dream. That is why sporting stars become national heroes; they epitomize a shared aspiration for the nation and become a symbol of hope. They demonstrate that with hard work and tenacity, anyone can achieve their hopes and ambitions.

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Reconnecting with Molina
Lillian Too catches up with Mrs Molina Nijhar, the English school teacher who inspired her love for Shakespeare and literature, and played a role in shaping her as one of the world’s best-selling writers!
Apartment Living with Good Feng Shui
Lillian Too celebrates the auspicious house blessing and altar consecration of her dharma pals - Stuart and Foong Pack – who have decorated their home with symbols of good fortune with taste and elegance!
Indian Restaurant's Feng Shui Makeover Saves the Business
Hanni Lim reveals the cause of this bustling restaurant’s demise after a bad feng shui expansion! And how it turned around again when small corrections were made to their layout.
What Next for… Barack & Michelle Obama
Lillian Too takes a look at Barack Obama’s destiny chart to glimpse at what the future has in store for America’s soon-to-be ex-President! Here’s why you can definitely expect to see Obama’s invisible political hand playing a few cards long after his presidency!
Pokemon GO: A Virtual Treasure Hunt Like No Other!
The latest craze to hit the world comes in the form of 150 pocket monsters! Hanni Lim discovers why it’s so popular, and explains why collecting these little quirky digital creatures can improve your personal feng shui luck!
Big Names from the Games
We pay tribute to our biggest winners of the Rio Olympics and congratulate our star players on bringing home our share of medals! The spirit of sportsmanship is very much alive and well, as it should be!
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Aunt Agga answers questions about dead birds, broken prayer wheels, obstacles in purchasing property and dreaming of Mother Mary.