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September for us is when we officially start gearing up for the coming year. We have just sent our Fortune & Feng Shui 2016 books for each of the 12 animal signs to print and these will be available for sale before the month is up. Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2016 tickets are also available now through our usual channels (MPH, and SISTIC) at Early Bird discounts for those who get their tickets early, so do book your seats soon!

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How Changing This Couple’s Bedroom Lighting brought them their First Child and Saved their Marriage
Hanni Lim tells this heart-warming true story of this English couple avoided a fourth miscarriage after correcting their feng shui.
The Art of Living Maximally
Lillian Too shares her philosophy of Prosperity-Programming and how you can adopt the same attitude to bring abundance into your life!.
Will Donald Trump Become the Next U.S. President?
Does this brash, loud and crass businessman have what it takes to make it to the White House? We reveal the substance behind his ingenuous PR strategy!
Emma Watson: The New Face of Feminism
Harry Potter’s genius magician matures into a hot young actress with a cause! We chronicle her spectacular rise to stardom!
Powerful Blessings from the Goddess Tara in Lillian’s Biggest Spiritual Feng Shui event yet!
Lillian Too reveals the secrets of the Nine Tara Mandala, and explains the five powers of Tara! If you missed her spiritual feng shui event, catch the highlights here!
The Power of the Great Amazon River
How Jeff Bezos harnessed the auspicious Dragon energy of the Amazon River to build the world’s largest e-Commerce empire!
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Aunt Agga answers questions on passing driving exams, bees’ nest, crazy mother-in-laws and empty fish tanks!